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Services & Rates

We take care of all kinds of pets, from dogs and cats to exotic animals, and we'll design a package that meets your pet's needs. Plus, we have experience with special needs and high-maintenance animals who need a little extra TLC. 

Initial Consultation & Key Drop

This is our opportunity to meet you and your pet, understand your pet's needs and routine, and set up care. Charges may apply for key drops/returns that require separate trips.



Regular Visit/Dog Walk

We'll spend 25-30 minutes with your pet to feed, walk and play. 



Extended Visit

This 40-45 minute visit is ideal for pets who need a little extra exercise, attention or care.



No extra charge for additional pets. We also can design special packages to fit your pet's needs. 

Special Needs Animals

With more than 20 years of experience as a vet tech and critical care nurse, we can take care of just about any needs your pet has. We can give your pet medicine or subcutaneous fluids. 


We are trained in veterinary CPR/first aid and have experience with a wide range of pets with special needs, including diabetes, epilepsy and seizures, Cushing's, wheelchair bound, heart conditions, megaesophagus, cancer/oncology, or recovering from injury/illness. 

House checks mean you can enjoy your vacation worry-free!

House Checks

No pets? We can check on your home while you're out of town. This service includes mail pick-up, turning lights on/off, watering plants, trash to/from curb, thermostat adjustment, and perimeter and/or indoor home checks.  $20

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